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There is something to be said about Daniel Mason - the way he captures an audience with his soulful voice - brings back a taste of Blue Eyed Soul with a mix of Country, Pop and R&B - and writes with integrity and truth. Born in Paris, KY to a small impoverished family, Daniel Mason emerged and matured his God given talent in the local church. Raised by a Mother that influenced him with everything from Marvin Gaye, Michael McDonald, and Hall & Oates, to Michael Jackson. From there he developed guitar and writing skills at an early age. As most serious hungry artist, he moved to Nashville TN in '08 to establish himself as a Singer/Songwriter. After 3 years and 500+ shows as a lead singer of a local favorite Nashville trio Amber's Drive, Daniel Mason is pursuing upon his own music career. He is currently releasing his long awaited debut solo album.



Lead Vocals, Guitar / Daniel Mason
Bass, Vocals / Scott Barritt
Lead Guitar, Vocals / Jase Hackman
Drums / Joel Burns

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Daniel Mason

by Daniel Mason Band

Southern Soul / Vintage Pop